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Youth Native Tee


About Reem:

Reem, one of our graphic designers, is based in Gaza. You’ve witnessed her incredible work with our ‘Stronger Together’ design. During our initial design phase, Reem endured living in an open-air prison amidst occasional bombings. By the time of the second design, her living conditions had significantly shifted. She created this piece in Rafah amidst ongoing genocide. Our brand isn’t solely about donating to Gaza; it’s about fostering connections with as many people as possible. Over the past six years, we’ve welcomed hundreds into our family, with Reem being one of them. We communicate almost daily. Recently, she didn’t respond for two days, and my anxiety skyrocketed. When she finally messaged, she revealed her family had been injured in a bombing near the al-Shifa hospital.

Reem is experiencing the profound displacement her grandparents endured. Witnessing her home and neighborhood reduced to rubble was unimaginable. Gone are the familiar comforts of her own room and family dinners. Instead, she moves from one temporary shelter to another, with Rafah being her latest stop. The echoes of cries, shouts, drones, and bombs haunt her, prompting her to seek solace in creating a masterpiece. Though seemingly simple, her design speaks volumes through its story and intricate details. She expressed a desire to create a special design, and I’ll let her post explain it—this is her show. I’m immensely proud of her. The emotional rollercoaster during this design process put things into perspective for me.
Reem often sent us final files just in case she didn’t make it to the next day. Both designs share the common thread of being created under extreme limitations—limited access to resources and electricity. Reem’s legacy lies in her art and her impact on all of our lives. She possesses one of the purest souls on earth. The profits from this shirt will go directly to Reem. When I first saw this design, I was moved to tears, filled with pride and chills. As a Palestinian, you’ll feel immense pride wearing this shirt, and as a supporter of Palestine, you’ll feel equally proud. Please follow her page and show your support. We hope you wear this detailed and powerful design with pride!
Message from Reem:
In my latest collaboration with Palestinian Hustle, we’re thrilled to unveil a design that speaks of Palestinian history, present, and future. It has never been more timely. This design features intricate Keffiyeh details as an ode to our beautiful tapestry of resilience, echoing the spirit of Palestine. Inspired by Jerusalem’s ancient walls, we stand firm in our right of return. Each stitch is a testament to our shared history and a celebration of Palestine’s rich and ancient heritage. Join us in this journey, a journey of belonging, pride, solidarity, and a promise of return.
Together, we breathe life into the soul of Palestine. We preserve the memory that it always has been Palestine, and it always will be. From the river to the sea
About the Design:
This design captures Palestine as it existed before the 1948 occupation: cities free from checkpoints and settlements, where people traveled without hindrance from the river to the sea. The outer border reflects Jerusalem’s walls, while olive leaves from the Keffiyeh form the inner border. Inside the word ‘native,’ the fishnet motif symbolizes our heritage. Within the map of Palestine, barbed wire signifies the barriers dividing our cities, with keys of return held by our families and the Palestinian Liberation peace hand below. This design represents all Palestinians worldwide and those enduring occupation. Free Palestine
History of the design:
Two years ago, Palestinian Hustle assumed control of Threads of Palestine to uphold its legacy. My close friend Salah, the founder of Threads of Palestine,  and Palestinian Hustle, collaborated for several years, nurturing a strong bond. I admired his brand, the quality, and designs, which resonated with our energy and style, making the merger effortless. Threads of Palestine featured a Native design, so when Reem approached us, I entrusted her to reinterpret this design however she saw fit, and she crafted a masterpiece.


  • 60% Cotton
  • 40% Poly tear away tag
  • Unisex shirts


  • 60% Cotton
  • 40% Poly tear away tag
  • Unisex shirts

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